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Laundry Day at Fieldstone Farm


Fieldstone Farm Blog, Odenton, MD  Laundry doesn't have to take all day. Minimize your time spent doing the laundry by trying out our helpful suggestions.


Laundry day either hits us all at once or is always staring us in the face. Get through your loads efficiently at Fieldstone Farm where we provide an in-apartment washer and dryer for your convenience. (Isn’t it great to NOT have to drive all over Odenton, MD looking for an open laundromat on a Friday night?) We’ve rounded up some tips for you to try this month to make your laundry chores go more smoothly.


Treat and sort your items every day.

This is a habit that is important to do, regardless of whether or not you’re doing laundry, because it ensures you stay organized and your living space isn’t cluttered on the days you’re not doing laundry. It’s also important for keeping your items in good shape. Be sure to treat your clothes with stain solutions or odor removers as soon as the stain occurs or as soon as you remove your clothes and shoes. A little bit of baking soda sprinkled into your shoes or a bag in your hamper can do wonders for keeping things fresh!


Get a bag for your socks.

If you’ve ever lost a sock in the laundry, think about using a mesh lingerie bag. These make it easy to keep all your socks in one place. Just put the socks inside the bag and toss it into the washer and dryer. Then you don’t have to worry about sorting through the clean clothes to find matching socks.


Don’t stuff the machine.

As tempting as it may be to fit just one more item into the washer, this can actually add up fast and lead to overstuffing, which traps dirt in your clothes and leads to a less thorough wash. Instead, give your things room to get clean by splitting up your loads and going for another wash.


Wash and dry smart.

Use all white towels for the bathroom. They can be washed as one load, and when necessary they can be bleached. To keep dark colors from fading, wash them inside out. Be sure to zip zippers and fasten buttons so they don’t catch during the washing or drying cycle.


Keep a whiteboard by your washer. As you load the laundry, make note of anything that can’t go in the dryer, making it easy to pull the items out when you switch loads.


Throw a dry towel into your dryer with wet laundry — it will absorb moisture and speed up the drying process.


What are your best tips for laundry day? Share your ideas by leaving a comment. We hope you have the best laundry day (or days) ever this week!