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Power Reading

Power Reading

Students all over Odenton, MD are headed back to the classroom after a summer spent in the sun, and the classroom brings, of course, an onslaught of required reading that is significantly more dense than summertime beach novels. Not to fear, the Fieldstone Farm Blog has pulled together a list of reading strategies to help you, or any member of our apartment community, conquer any assigned reading you may face for school or work.


Power Reading Tips


Eliminate Distractions.

Find a place to read where you won’t be interrupted by the internet, sounds, screens, pets, kids, friends, etc. Turn off your phone.  Yes, it’s a big sacrifice, but research has shown that the average adult spends approximately four hours a day glued to a phone screen. Put that time into reading and studying and you will be all caught up in no time.


Location Matters.

Think about how you read. Are you most comfortable in a study carrel at the library, or does holing up in your Fieldstone Farm apartment suit you better? Choose your reading location with thought. To avoid nodding off as easily, sit in a chair or at a table instead of reading in bed where your pillow is ever so inviting.  


Reading Snacks.

Eating will help you maintain focus and can help you stay awake, too. Choose snacks that 1) can be eaten without looking, 2) can be eaten with a single hand, 3) take a while to chew up, and 4) are NOT greasy or wet. High protein and low sugar snacks are a good way to go.


Divide the Text.

Taking regular breaks as you read will help you stay engaged and motivated in the long run. Divide your reading assignments into blocks of text and insert several bookmarks at equidistant points. As you reach each bookmark, reward yourself with video game time, a messy snack, or some TV time.  Another idea is to time yourself. Set a timer for twenty or thirty minutes and read. When the timer goes off, reward yourself. Wash, rinse, repeat until you have gotten through the assigned reading material.


Take Notes.

Not only will taking notes help you stay awake and break up potential monotony, it will also help you retain the information you’re reading. Note words you don’t know, thoughts about the protagonist or antagonist, and major plot points.


What are your favorite strategies for study time? Please share in the comments.